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Want to Take a Class at the Training Center?

Select a Class

Every three months, a schedule of courses is sent to each Laborer at the address listed on their Enrollment Form. If you did not receive a schedule of courses, then: check the Training Center’s Class Schedule section of this website, or send an Email request to, or telephone your Local Union Office or the Training Center.

Enroll Through Your Local Union Office

Phone your Local Union Office or inquire while paying your dues or registering at roll call. Tell them which course you are interested in. They will then contact the Training Center, which will review your work status and course availability. The Training Center will notify the Local Union Office which will phone you about the availability of the particular course.

Get Your Enrollment Papers

Prior to starting the class, you will need your enrollment papers. The Local Union Office can mail them or you may pick them up at the Local Union Office.

Drug Screening

Effective February 28, 2000, the Northern California Laborers Training Center has implemented a drug testing program. This program is for all apprentices and trainees who enroll in any course of one week or longer in duration at the Training Center.

The drug testing program has the purpose of: protecting the health and safety of apprentices, trainees, and staff at the Training Center and on job sites; encouraging freedom from drug dependency; and enhancing worker reliability, employability, and job safety.

All apprentices and trainees will be required to submit to a drug test. This test will be conducted by an independent laboratory approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. Guidelines have been set so that all results remain confidential.

Any apprentice or trainee who refuses to take, or fails to pass, the drug test will not be allowed to attend any classes at the Training Center. Any individual who fails the drug test will be referred to an assistance program and will be administratively suspended from the Training Center until he/she successfully completes the treatment program prescribed by the assistance program

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