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Complete a Change of Address Form

If you are moving, take the time to complete a Change of Address form. It's simple to do: just print your name, social security number, new address, telephone number, sign and date it. Affix a postage stamp and mail it in. That’s it!

By completing a Change of Address form, you can avoid the inconvenience and aggravation of a possible delay in your benefits. For example, we will only mail Vacation-Holiday checks to Laborers who have a valid address on file with the Fund Office.

What is a valid address?

Let’s say we mailed your Statement of Account to your address on file and it is returned marked “no forwarding address”. We will then delete that address from our record and will not forward your Vacation-Holiday check until you mail in your new address. (A phone call won’t do. For your own protection, we need a completed Change of Address form, signed by you.)

To request a Change of Address form:

Print form on this website and print the form online, or contact the Fund Office, or visit your Local Union Office. Don’t delay; if you move, send in a Change of Address form right away.

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